Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff You Might Need To Know

Can I ask for a customised service / learning experience?

Yes, we are happy to consider any requests, and fully understand that flexible options are often required.

Will you come to my office / home / nominated venue for the in-person learning modules?

Yes, subject to reasonable travel distances, then we are happy to meet at a venue of your choice.

Can I mix and match in-person learning with online learning?

Absolutely, this hybrid option is proving to be extremely popular.

What about confidentiality? I don't want anyone to know that I am involved in these learning experiences.

Rest assured that we totally respect all aspects of client confidentiality and will never betray this trust position.

What size of teams can participate in the 'High Performing Teams' experience?

A minimum of 3 people, and no maximum.

I have a terrible memory, how can I retain all the knowledge gained during the learning experiences?

Have no fears. You will be given lots of written and audio backup materials to always act as a reference point. All the materials are written in plain English with clear step-by-step navigation guidelines. These are all designed in storytelling chapters- think beginning, middle, and end.

I am not very creative, how am I ever going to build great stories for my pitches?

Everybody possesses some degree of creativity. We don't expect you to demonstrate high-end creative traits, e.g., the types deployed by artists. But you will definitely already have some day-to-day creative characteristics, so we will simply refine these and enhance them. Don't forget you are already a storyteller in much of your daily life.

Can I test any products before buying them?

We don't engage in any free 'taster projects,' but if you want to download the free PDF (available on the website), then you will have deeper insights to the learning experiences available and how they could potentially benefit you.

Can I get a discount on any further learning experiences I book / buy with you?

We will be delighted to offer returning clients discounts on future courses, just contact us for details. We also intend to offer existing clients discounts based upon any referrals to new clients.

Can I check in with you my learning experience module to make sure I have fully understood everything?

We offer a free 60-minute online Zoom/Teams call as standard, just to see if you are still uncertain about any aspects of your learning module.
You can also email/call me at any time for a chat.

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