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Ready for your journey to becoming a master storyteller and a brilliant communicator? Your guide awaits you.

Learn in-person, online, or a hybrid mixture

Understand the key elements involved in potent storytelling and how to apply them to your pitch

Discover the full suite of successful pitching tools: Plan, Prepare, Practice, Polish, Present and Post-Pitch

Guidance on how to overcome fear and nerves.

Unlock the secrets of fully engaging your audience

Dedicated tips to handle Online pitches (Zoom, Teams, etc).

Pathways to ensuring you bring your 'authentic self' to the pitch

Downloadable course materials to reinforce your learning experiences.

Downloadable audio resources to allow you to listen to lesson materials 'on the go.'

In-person pitch rehearsals and hands on help in refining your pitch materials.

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Ready to discover all the tools required to become a master storyteller and a brilliant communicator? Your learning materials await you.


Designed for anyone who desires to be a more effective communicator in any area of their daily lives. You will learn a wide variety of elements which will give you a critical 'edge' in your day-to-day activities.

Professional Enhancement

For CEOs/Senior Managers/Entrepreneurs seeking to obtain an advanced level of communication skills to demonstrate robust and authentic leadership. Learn how to create authority and empathy with your audience.

High-performance Teams

A learning journey that will transform a group of individuals into a dynamic team that can pitch and present together with confidence. Learn how elite teams use their individual talents to combine into a cohesive unit that always outperforms any competitor.

Rescue Me!

If you have already started the plan to pitch your story but are stuck, needing some hands-on intervention to help you get back on track/improve, this is for you. We will guide you back onto a firm footing, helping you to revise your content, restructure your story flow and even be present at live rehearsals.

My Pledge To You

I will fully accompany you on your journey to becoming a more effective communicator. My guiding style is highly supportive, with lots of creativity thrown in to help you bring your pitches to life. As a passionate believer in life-long learning, I am ever conscious that we all need patience, motivation, and someone to share the burden with if we are to progress to the next level. You are already a fabulous storyteller and I will ensure that you will be fully equipped with all the tools to evolve into a master storyteller and to bring your own unique stories to life- no matter which area of your business or social activities call upon such an occasion.

You are the hero, we are the guide

We ensure your journey is a success

I will act as your trusted guide to become an effective and authentic communicator, furnishing you with a powerful mixture of proven techniques that will enable you to plan, prepare and deliver any speech, any presentation, or any pitch in any daily situation.

We give you a plan to overcome your problem

I will articulate how your story is unique, and why your audience will want to hear it. Whether you are a CEO, Senior Manager, Entrepreneur, or simply trying to nail that next job interview or deliver that wedding speech, then there is a learning experience specifically designed for you.

Nobody else can tell your story quite like you

I will immerse you into the world of storytelling and fully outline how you can learn all the skills required to become a highly effective communicator in all areas of your life.

You will begin to understand that no matter what your life situation currently is, you already possess strong storytelling characteristics.