High-performance Teams

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A learning journey that will transform a group of individuals into a dynamic team that can pitch and present together with confidence. Learn how elite teams use their individual talents to combine into a cohesive unit that always outperforms any competitor.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn about the 7 elements of potent storytelling & how to apply them to your pitch
  • Discover the 6 Ps of successful pitching: plan, prepare, practice, polish, present, post-pitch, and how to successfully employ them in a team situation
  • How to determine which role each team member should play
  • How to provide support towards individual team members
  • Examples of how the best teams operate- from sports/business/music
  • How to compensate when things don't go as planned in live pitches
  • How to dilute individual team members from dominating
  • How to overcome fear/handle nerves
  • How to handle online pitches (Zoom, Team etc)
  • How to fully engage your audience
  • How to bring your 'true team identity' to the pitch
  • How to handle Q&As post pitch

Who's It For?

  • Any team, no matter how big/small, who wants to raise their pitching/presenting performances to the highest level
  • Any group who feel that as 'individuals' they are able to pitch their story well, but as a 'collective' they begin to struggle and never quite get the team dynamics 'spot on.'

Learning Experience Details

  • 10 hours of learning
  • Minimum team size is 3 people, no maximum
  • Split into either 2 x 5 hour sessions, or 3 x 3 hour sessions with 1x 1 hour final rehearsal session
  • Will be conducted fully in-person
  • The option for a one-hour online review session is also possible
  • £1600 for this primary learning experience
  • Full downloadable written back-up materials
  • Full downloadable audio back-up materials
  • Custom designed learning experiences are available upon request

Your Guide

Gary Knight

Gary spent over 40 years working in the Television and Advertising industries. He has presented on the X Factor stage, pitched for multi £million contracts, regularly acts as the primary speaker on social events, and even presented new media legislation reviews at both EU and UK parliaments. With a life-long zest for ever-learning and a first class MBA from Central St Martin's College in London, Gary is well-equipped with the experience and knowledge to help you reach your potential.

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