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If you have already started the plan to pitch your story but are stuck, needing some hands-on intervention to help you get back on track/improve, this is for you. We will guide you back onto a firm footing, helping you to revise your content, restructure your story flow and even be present at live rehearsals.

What You'll Learn

  • How to overcome the 'blockages' that are disrupting your journey
  • How to partially, or completely rebuild your pitch
  • In depth analysis of the blocking/lacking elements & a fast track learning model that will give you the necessary tools to overcome these 'pests.'
  • Structured template that will help you 'practice & perfect' to avoid any future issues
  • We can intervene at any point in your pitching journey & deal with any specific area of concerns, from minor amends to a full guided rewrite of your story
  • We can also accompany you on your final practice session, to give final thoughts & positive feedback

Who's It For?

  • Anyone who has started their speech/pitch/presentation but is now 'stuck!'
  • This could be for several reasons: writer's block- you just cant get the words out your story structure doesn't flow (in places, or even as a complete piece)
  • You have practiced your pitch, but your story doesn't feel right it's too long or lacking key messaging
  • Your design looks visually 'off.' you lack a dynamic beginning/end
  • Your delivery feels awkward

Learning Experience Details

  • Minimum 2 hour booking session required
  • Fees of £150 per hour apply
  • Can be conducted fully in-person
  • Can be conducted fully online via Zoom/Team
  • Can be a hybrid version of both in-person & online
  • Recommended that at least one session is conducted in person
  • Full downloadable written back-up materials
  • Full downloadable audio back-up materials
  • All Custom designed learning experiences are considered

Your Guide

Gary Knight

Gary spent over 40 years working in the Television and Advertising industries. He has presented on the X Factor stage, pitched for multi £million contracts, regularly acts as the primary speaker on social events, and even presented new media legislation reviews at both EU and UK parliaments. With a life-long zest for ever-learning and a first class MBA from Central St Martin's College in London, Gary is well-equipped with the experience and knowledge to help you reach your potential.

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